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Jack in a Box Aprons

Made to measure by Ian Woolen Melton Cloth from £75.00. Ring Ian with measurements from waist to foot and waist over jacket and discuss requirements.


Optimum Time Stopwatch available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Pink, White £58.00

SSG Gloves

    SSG All weather. Available in stock.£26.00 a pair. Sizes Ladies Universal 6/7, Mens Uiversal 8/9,                                                                    Mens Large 10/11        


Stubbs FEI Driving Cones – These are the hard ones not the Squashy ones Cones can be collected at Events from the Shop or from Hasting F.O.C  Need to be ordered in advance £23.00 each  Minimum Order for Delivery 10 Cones £22.00 each (for 10 or more cones) Plus Carriage