Conway Buckle

Conway Buckle  980908  £6 each Used to lock a sliding backband into position when free movement is not required 32mm wide fits Tedex Backband

Coloured browbands

Coloured browbands Coloured browbands may be chosen as an option with any Zilco harness set.   All coloured browbands have black lining. Coloured breastplate trim is also available see page 45 of catalogue.          Sizes Available –  XFull 20″  –  £14.00 Full 171/2″  –  £13.00 Cob 17″  –  £13.00 Pony 141/2″  –  £11.50

Fleck Whips

Fleck Whips now available.. Whips are measured from the bow top where turns over to the top of the handle (do not include the handle or the lash). Sizes from 120 cm to 220 cms. Carbon Fibre prices from £75.00 Fibre Glass from £30.00 Unfortunately the whips cannot be sent due to the Post Office […]

Webbing Underhalters

Webbing Underhalters with stainless steel fittings available in Full, Cob, Pony, Shetland . £16 + postage Synthetic Underhalters also available.. We do stock black ‘in between’ size webbing underhalters suitable for either Section A size heads or Section C size heads which often come between standard sizes.

Jack in a Box Aprons

Made to measure by Ian Woolen Melton Cloth from £75.00. Ring Ian with measurements from waist to foot and waist over jacket and discuss requirements.


Optimum Time Stopwatch available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Pink, White £65.00