Zilco WebZ Harness

WebZ is a completely new harness designed for all types of leisure and competition driving. Affordable, comfortable and versatile. WebZ strapping is purpose woven to give just the right amount of thickness to feel sturdy and reliable, yet it is pliable and very easy to adjust in all weather conditions. High quality stainless steel buckles […]

Zilco Quarter Sheets

Zilco Quarter Sheet £36.50 Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large Made from tough 600 denier waterproof/breathable polypropylene material with fleece lining

Zilco Classic Sets

Zilco Classic Sets     Pony  £820   Cob   £950   FUll   £960   Optional Empathy Collar according to size Converts easily from single to pair – parts required to convert 2 singles into one pair 1 x set of Pair Reins 2 x Classic Pairs Breastplates 2 x sets of Breeching Straps for Pairs Harness […]

Tedex Harness Sets

The economical alternative for drivers who like lightness and supple, easy adjustment, or those just starting out.   Highly popular as a beginner’s harness Inexpensive but well designed. Made from soft and flexible materials which are light, supple and offer easy adjustment Suitable for: club level competition, pleasure and leisure driving Single harness available in an extensive […]

Zilco SL & Mini SL Sets

Sl Harness is made from the same quality materials and designs as all the other Zilco harness – elegantly proportioned to suit Miniatures, Shetlands and Small Ponies. Light to handle yet smart, sturdy, and comfortable for all levels of competition. SL Sportz Harness is made from Zilco’ s superb quality materials and includes stainless steel […]

Clincher Browband

Silver Clincher Browband 432130 Shetland (37cm) £20.50 432131 Small Pony (39cm) £20.50 432132  Pony 41 cm (14 1/2″)  £20.50 432134  Cob 43 cm (17″)          £21.99 432136  Full 45 cm (17 1/2″)     £22.99 432138  X Full 51 cm (20″)        £24.99

Dolly Varden Cut Away Blinkers

This design allows the horse to have more peripheral vision than a standard blinker but still prevents them from seeing behind. Full size £44.99 Cob £42.99 Pony £34.50

Gullet Strap

Made from 16mm (3/4″) strapping the gullet safety strap is attached to the underside of the noseband and up to the throatlash. It is designed to prevent the bridle being accidentally pulled off (or rubbed off), particularly in multiples. It includes a dee ring, which sits on the noseband end, so that a lead rope […]

Flash Noseband

Simply and easily convert a regular cavesson style noseband into a Hanoverian style noseband with this conversion kit. Simply fold the converter over the cavesson and thread the flash strap through the slots as pictured above. 431402  Pony   66cm (26″)   £7.75 431406  Cob    68 cm (27″)   £8.00 431408  Full     71 cm (28″)  £8.00 431410  X/Full  75 […]